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Cleaning: You may use lukewarm water or another approved cleaner for natural stone. Do not use anything else.

Heat: Thermal shocks or cracks may occur if the countertop is subject to extreme temperature changes. It is recommended that you protect your countertop from extreme heat by using trivets or hot pads.

Scratching: Granite is extremely durable, but should not be used as a cutting surface as it will dull you’re your knives. The use of cutting boards is recommended.

Sealing: Lighter color stones are generally more porous than darker ones. We recommend resealing annually, every six (6) months for honed surfaces to restore shine and protect from staining.

Marble, Travertine, or Soapstone

Cleaning:Use only mild cleansers and avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals. Clean spills promptly.

Heat: Heat from any object will not burn the marble itself, but it will burn the sealant that is used to protect the countertop. This will cause an area of darkened discoloration. Once this happens there is no way you can repair the damaged area. The use of trivets and hot pads is strongly recommended.

Scratching: Marble, travertine, and soapstone are very easily scratched. The use of a cutting board at all times is highly recommended.

Sealing: Due to its high porosity and extreme reactive nature to acidic materials, resealing is strongly recommended every six (6) months.

Quartz (manufactured stone)

Cleaning:Avoid harsh chemicals.

Heat: Always use a trivet as exposure to heat may cause cracks due to thermal shock.

Scratching: These counters are scratch resistant, but like granite, using them as a cutting surface will dull your knives.

Sealing: No need for resealing.